a father, a daughter, and a harley

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Throughout my life, I have spent very little time with my father. Until recently, he was always working and rarely around. Luckily, he worked close-by and often in and out of his shop so he was by no means an absent father. As I am getting older, I am spending more and more time with my dad and it has been so great! I really love hanging out with him, we can talk for hours about anything, and it is something I missed from my childhood. I am really happy and grateful that I have been able to get to know him now that I am an adult and have time for this kind of thing. I went on my first ever motorcycle ride with my father and took these photos. It was amazing and have since only gone once more but I miss it all the time. I hope to see him again soon. Love you, dad.

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One Response to “a father, a daughter, and a harley”

  1. kamielle says:

    Oh my goodness, I adore the photo with Dad with the helmet smiling at the camera with the sun right behind him!

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