Emily Rose James

Professional visual artist

I live with my heart: I am a hopeless romantic. Beauty is something I notice and pursue, I crave it. I hope to translate what I see directly into my imagery. I am a realist.

Photography is about capturing a moment in time and holding it for eternity. Instead of feeling frozen, however, it gently moves your soul. You feel emotion, you experience memories, all from a single frame. I imagine what was happening before and after the shot. I imagine the scene, the presence of the person, and what kind of situation they were in. My work is about the subtle human experience, not always shocking, often beautifully simplistic.

Photography should be a tool to capture a moment that represents the entire experience.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Cum Laude in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute.


$250 couples, model tests, portrait sessions

$500/day catalog, editorial, product, studio work

$1200 weddings in 2018

$2400 weddings in 2019 and beyond

  • Location PNW
  • Phone +1 360 229 0761
  • Email ema.rose@gmail.com