French Countryside

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Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to the French countryside south of Paris near Burgundy. A cinematographer, Keith Lancaster, a photographer Chantal Hasse, and myself were shooting a short film on Jonathan Shimony, an amazing artist (sculptor, painter, lithographer, etc.). We rented a cheap car from Avis and started the over 600km round trip to see Raphael, Jonathon’s friend and fellow sculptor, and to film their newly finished sculture to be installed in the American Institute of Paris in the months to come. Getting out of Paris was a breath of fresh air. I was excited to see this metal sculpture that I had heard so much about but to be honest… my goal was to take a portrait of the white cows that Jonathon’s wife had told me about. Typical Ema.

On our adventure, I took a surprising number of architecture and building shots that I found beautiful. Here they are :]


Portrait of myself :]













































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2 Responses to “French Countryside”

  1. LAND OF FUN says:

    So Cute _ Lovely_ awesome_Gorgeous !

  2. Steven says:

    amazing shots as always. i love the ghost town vibe this set gives off

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