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Men’s fashion week was just before the Haute Couture fashion week. I went to a few shows and got to see what is hot in the men’s world. I was surprised that a lot of it was fairly feminine and metrosexual. I guess when it comes to the fashion world, men dress in a very different manner that has nothing to do with office suits and cargo pants (thank God). There was an abundance of tight colored pants, loose scarves, open chest shirts, and ankle boots. I have to say that I loved it but thought it was missing it’s masculine edge a bit; most of the models were boy-ish and feminine in appearance. It would have been nice to also see the chique men’s wear that is very masculine and dripping with testosterone so that I could have the best of both worlds. Overall, I thought the shows were beautiful but it did not hit me as hard as couture would.

Please see the previous post that includes the Men’s Fashion Week schedule for all of the designers and shows.

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