love me in the garden

A Music, Portraiture, Snapshots, young love post written by on October 18, 2011

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The simple elegance of young love. Running, laughing, playing guitar. The quirky weirdness of two hearts together. These two were just too cute. Comfortable in each others skin. This is what I love to photograph!

ana-couple-0399 ana-couple-0417-0465 ana-couple-0426 ana-couple-0437 ana-couple-0446 ana-couple-0448 ana-couple-0449 ana-couple-0458 ana-couple-0461 ana-couple-0463
ana-couple-0479 ana-couple-0480 ana-couple-0496 ana-couple-0508 ana-couple-0510 ana-couple-0512 ana-couple-0515 ana-couple-0519 ana-couple-0529 ana-couple-0539

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