Nighttime fashion at the LACMA in downtown Los Angeles

A Behind the Scenes post written by on June 14, 2012

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The experience of shooting in downtown LA is always rewarding. I arranged a two-night shoot to do fashion work, the first night at the LACMA and the second night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I booked around 5-6 models for each night using a Model Mayhem casting call. I had five models show up the first night and three make it for the second. The night was cold and dark, the models were beautiful. I really enjoyed shooting at night and having the entire darkness to yourself. The locations were great to experiment with and everyone seemed ready to go. The process of shuffling through models every 15 minutes, improving lighting, and finding locations was intoxicating. With the help of assistants, doing touch-up makeup and making snacks for everyone, I was able to focus only on shooting, so much so that I ended up getting cyanosis (my hands turned blue from lack of circulation in the cold weather). Who would have thought gloves would be a good idea when shooting all night?! The most important aspect of these shoots was learning to work in situations where I had little planning and limited options. Feeding off of the energy of the models and everyone involved in the shoot was really what made the experience noteworthy.

LACMA models

Walk Disney Concert Hall models
















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One Response to “Nighttime fashion at the LACMA in downtown Los Angeles”

  1. Kevin S says:

    Wow, you sacrificed your hands for your art…that’s dedication! It sounds like quite an experience.

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