stray cat in a small town

A Adventure, Modeling, Portraiture, Snapshots post written by on March 31, 2012

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There was something very spicy about Jalanis. She pawed at the camera. She was wild and lost at the same time, like a stray cat. We adventured together and dressed her up in vintage wears.
jalanis-whimsy-8267-8273 jalanis-whimsy-8302 jalanis-whimsy-8304-8297 jalanis-whimsy-8307-8312 jalanis-whimsy-8320jalanis-whimsy-8286-01 jalanis-whimsy-8415-8453 jalanis-whimsy-8438 jalanis-whimsy-8483 jalanis-whimsy-8504-8509 jalanis-whimsy-8506 jalanis-whimsy-8522 jalanis-whimsy-8333 jalanis-whimsy-8335-8338 jalanis-whimsy-8347-8358 jalanis-whimsy-8350 jalanis-whimsy-8368-8389 jalanis-whimsy-8372 jalanis-whimsy-8391-8396

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