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A Modeling, nature, Portraiture, Snapshots post written by on October 1, 2011

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Everyone was new at this. We were figuring out how it all works. Ashley and Taylor had never modeled before and it was one of the first times I did a test shoot. We just ran around and took photos. It was a really fun day.

ashley-beach-8611-8624 ashley-beach-8627-8662 ashley-beach-8669 ashley-beach-8681-8685 ashley-beach-8687-8691 ashley-beach-8708-8723 ashley-beach-8721 ashley-beach-8779-8788 ashley-beach-8807-8845 ashley-beach-8840 ashley-beach-8849 ashley-beach-8865 ashley-beach-8877 ashley-beach-8878-8884 ashley-beach-8881 ashley-beach-8890-8901 ashley-beach-8907 ashley-beach-8938 ashley-beach-8976-8966

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